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Awakening School of Theology Fall Term 2020: FAITHLIFE on Monday, August 10, 2020

PRICE ABOVE:  Use the Drop Down above and choose to pay the $75 DEPOSIT (Tech Fee) or $424 FULL PRICE (Full Course Price includes $75 Technology Fee plus $349 Tuition). 
SECTION 1: Course Selection is Required - CHOOSE UNSEEN REALM 101 (Application Fee Rqd) or UNSEEN REALM 102
NOTE: International Students - This form only accepts US Credit Cards. To request the form for International Students with foreiegn payment methods please DO NOT complete this application. For an alternate International Registration Form CLICK HERE and we will be in touch shortly with school payment links.
SELECT ALL THAT APPLY: One time Application Fee REQUIRED for students registering for Unseen Realm 101. Technology Fee is required for each participant, each term, providing tech tools necessary for course.
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
  • UNSEEN REALM 101 - ONLINE course available Aug 10, 2020 (15 weeks, all content is online)
  • UNSEEN REALM 102 - ONLINE course available Aug 17, 2020 (15 weeks, all content is online) 
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SECTION 3: How Did You Hear About Our Program
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My registration and signature are my expressed agreement to the terms set by ASOTM, its Deadlines and Refund Policies. I understand that my application for admission will not be complete until I submit the entire application and payment process. (Type Name below as Electronic Signature). (Type Name below as Electronic Signature)
***YOUR $15 APPLICATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE*** See website FAQ's for further payment and refund details. Awakening School of Theology & Ministry
ANOTHER REGISTRANT: To register another person click NEXT then REGISTER ANOTHER PERSON to enter that persons information and course option.