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Awakening School of Theology Fall Term 2020: LIVE on Monday, August 10, 2020

PRICE ABOVE:  Use the Drop Down above and choose to pay the $125 DEPOSIT (Tech Fee + $50 Tuition Deposit) or $574 FULL PRICE (Full Course Price includes $75 Technology Fee plus $499 Tuition). Early Discount will be reflected below.
SECTION 1: Course Selection is Required - CHOOSE UNSEEN REALM 101 (Application Fee Rqd) or UNSEEN REALM 102
Discount for Early Registrants who PAY IN FULL by June 15th @ 11:59pm EST (UTC -4). $50 off now, $50 off tuition payment.
SELECT ALL THAT APPLY: One time Application Fee is REQUIRED for students registering for Unseen Realm 101. Technology Fee is required for each participant, each term - providing tech tools necessary for course.
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
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1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
1Priced As Noted 
  • UNSEEN REALM 101 - LIVE course begins Monday, Aug 10, 2020 (8-9:30pm; 15 weeks)
  • UNSEEN REALM 102 - LIVE courses  Monday or Thursday (6-7:30pm; 15 weeks) 
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My registration and signature are my expressed agreement to the terms set by ASOTM, its Deadlines and Refund Policies. I understand that my application for admission will not be complete until I submit the entire application and payment process. (Type Name below as Electronic Signature)
***YOUR $15 APPLICATION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE*** See website FAQ's for further payment and refund details. Awakening School of Theology & Ministry
ANOTHER REGISTRANT: To register another person click NEXT then REGISTER ANOTHER PERSON to enter that persons information and course option.